Sunday, October 09, 2016

QK Puppy Mural #3: The Iterative Process of the Room Layout

This entire project was an iterative process. Let me start first with the room layout design. This process required a number of site trips. I started with one wall and then worked around the room to do the other walls making certain that all the puppy images created a cohesive series.

  • I made some drawings I liked
  • Saw how/if they worked on the walls
  • Reworked the drawings as needed
  • Sent the drawings (in this very fragile state) to trusted friends for comment
  • Incorporated the feedback where it made sense and to the best of my abilities
  • Determined what size would work on the wall (educated guess)
  • Made a newsprint actual size stencil of each pup
  • Drove to the kennel and positioned the newsprint stencils on the wall
  • Stepped back, took photos
  • Decided if the pup worked, judging size, pose, and position on the wall
  • Redid the drawing as needed; made another stencil and re-checked
  • Made the final stencil out of heavy weight watercolor paper once I was satisfied
  • Used the final stencil to transfer the image to the wall to paint
Please note, the process was not as cut and dried as this might appear. I worked slowly around the room. I did not have a vision of the entire room at one go. This was definitely a process.

I did have a few guidelines that I kept in mind as I designed the layout to ensure a successful mural with cohesion between the pups on all three walls.
  • I used a cohesive color palette for all the pups
  • I integrated the pup color palette integrated with the wall and trim colors
  • I chose a color palette that would remain consistent in both natural and artificial lighting
  • I assured that the pups looked good from all angles and in all lighting conditions throughout both day and evening
  • I kept all puppies on the same scale

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