Sunday, October 16, 2016

QK Puppy Mural #9: Protecting the Work

Golden gave me specific advice on how to coat the puppy mural. It was important to put on an isolation coat followed by a varnish. I used glossy products for the isolation coat, but considered the satin varnish for the last coat. The last coat of varnish can be glossy, satin, or matte depending on your taste, but matte products have some solids in them and these may dull the painting. Golden recommended using satin, not matte, since the wall paint had some sheen and they said their matte was VERY matte, which proved to be true.  The satin is pretty “matte” and on my test samples I liked the result, but Jenny liked the glossy look better, so we used the glossy varnish as the final coat.

This is the formula for the coatings:

Isolation coat: 2 parts Golden medium soft glossy to 1 part distilled
water. Minimum of 2 coats - touch dry in between coats. Wait 3 days before applying the varnish.

Polymer Varnish: 3 parts varnish to 1 part distilled water. Minimum of 2 coats – touch dry between coats. We had problems with this mixture because it was very runny on the walls, so Len used the varnish almost straight out of the bottle which eliminated this problem.

All of this information is on the Golden site. I called them directly and their tech support was awesome and provided individual instructions specific for my project.

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