Monday, October 17, 2016

QK Puppy Mural #11: Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you Jenny Broome Smith for giving me the opportunity to paint on your walls, giving me complete artistic freedom and having more faith in my abilities than I certainly had. Thank you Jenny and Jason Smith for your gracious hospitality in providing me, Len and the Poodie Girls, a wonderful place to stay as I painted. Many thanks to Jason for all the outstanding meals!

I thank my trusted friends and family with whom I could share my fragile preliminary sketches for input as well as many in-progress puppy images. I extend my most heartfelt thanks to Kathryn Barth, Kim Chappell, Marie McMahon, Linda Thompson, Len Wachel and Joanne Williams. Special thanks to Len, my beloved husband, who dealt with driving, packing and unpacking the car, hauling supplies and fixtures, setting up, taking care of the Poodie Girls, bringing me food, painting both the isolation and varnish coats on the final mural, and tolerating the house being over taken by puppy sketches, stencils, and canvases.

The wonderful classes that I have taken from Jane Davenport, Teesha Moore, and Carla Sonheim were key in giving me both the tools and the confidence to tackle such an ambitious project far, far, far out of my comfort zone! Thank you so very much!

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