Sunday, September 18, 2016

QK Puppy Mural #2: The Reconnaissance Phase

This process was handled very well by my project-management-scientist brain. We traveled to the kennel so I could measure and take photos of the room so I could plan my attack. 

The first strategic error my creative brain made was expecting to have long sections of uninterrupted wall for my compositions. 

I was rudely surprised when I discovered the only wall meeting that description was reserved for a row of dog crates. Oops. 

What I had to work with were walls with big windows; one wall had a door that opened into the room. Uh-oh. 

I decided that this challenge was just part of the process. 

Art needs to be flexible. I had to think like Michelangelo when he worked on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  :)

In hindsight, I am grateful I had this challenge. It dared me to be much more creative with the puppy poses. I created art that I would never have dreamed of without facing these difficulties.

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