Saturday, February 28, 2015

Holy Cow! Where DID 2014 Go?!?!?!

Ok, at least this time I know what we did for a year - lots to show for it on the personal side taking a huge leap and transitioning to make another huge leap forward. That doesn't mean I haven't done art. On the contrary.

All my art work has been in my journals. I am loving (for a change) where I am in my art. My journals make me very happy. I have very little time to devote to them thus making the time spent very precious.

I'll be doing some catch up posts from my journals over  the next few weeks. I'll start in chronological order which means you will be seeing more mermaids. Hopefully you are not sick of them yet ;) This one is from my 8"x6" Moleskine journal titled "Joyful Practice". Unfortunately, the scan does not do her justice - I used metallic paint on the tail which doesn't show up in the scan. Perhaps I should take a photo instead. I don't think I will add lettering or journal on this page. I like it as is for now.


Kim said...

Looking good Debbie!
Glad you are enjoying doing your art!

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