Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seal & Seahorse

 This was my first "original" page in my mermaid shaped book, the rest were based on pages done either Jane or Teesha or a guest artist.

I started sketching seahorses and seals in my main working journal. I guess they are easy for me because I can draw horses and my seahorse is based on a horse.

I found drawing seals was easy because they are essentially dogs without ears!
This is a sketch I drew in September while traveling. It is inspired by my seal/seahorse page above. I also have a seahorse page in the same travel journal but haven't scanned it. I will post both when I complete them!
The photo shows my little compact drawing set that I take whenever I travel and space is an issue.


Kim said...

Nice job Debbie! :)

Clipping Path India said...

nice design and idea :)