Monday, February 10, 2014

A Trio of Mermies

The three mermies in this post were based on Teesha (and Tracy) pages in the Mermaid Circus class book. 
This Mermie is a collage piece. The body, tail and headdress uses Teesha's collage sheet elements. I printed out many sheets so I could use a few elements multiple times.  

You can see the inspiration for this piece from Teesha's original.

 I put this collage on one of my crazy bright pages.

I started with the tail - where I got a bit crazy  using numerous collage pieces to built the upper part of the tail.

I used a color copy of a face I painted in a previous post.

The bodice was composed of a lot of small pieces from Teesha's collage sheets as well.

I painted the neck and arms in last.

The above photo is the piece prior to my adding shading. I will be adding lettering on it later when the "mood" strikes me. I find that the words pop in my head when I'm not trying to think of what to write. 

This  is my psychedelic mermaid that I executed on another of my fluorescent pages - this time a yellow one. 
I don't know what possessed me to paint so many of my pages in fluorescent colors LOL. 

The photo at the left is Teesha's inspiration.

I modeled my page after this sketch that I did in my main working art journal that is full of all sorts of art info. Not my favorite page - I like the one in my main working journal. But I still had fun making it!!

And another "bubble head" girl. I did another one in my travel Moleskine journal. They are just fun to draw!

These girls are based on another Teesha inspired page. I tried a number of variations that just didn't work the way I wanted.

Originally I tried to use Teesha's collage element (the face/helmet was in one of Teesha's collage handouts) that is shown is the inspiration page.

My work just went in a different direction. I did a bunch of these little guys in my general art journal.

Here is the first one I based the page above on.  I am still working on this mermaid shaped page. I will be putting in finishing touches (needs some black (value as Teesha would say). And of course - some lettering!!

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