Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tiphoni Style Mermaid

 Oops !! I found that I never posted this one!! But notice how the pages behind this one is all blank. It is because this was one of the first pages I made. My other posts show photos of each page after I finished the entire book.
My next mermaid that I made in my mermaid shaped book was this mermaid following a video by Teesha Moore's oldest daughter Tiphoni. Tiphoni is a very talented artist and she did this lovely mermie that I "copied" the best I could.

Tiphoni mostly used copic markers with I struggled with on the type of acrylic paint I used to paint the pages. I think I ended up having to use acrylic paint here and there. I also used paint pens and prismacolors. Again, waiting too long to post so I've forgotten what I did ;).

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