Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Peerless Watercolor Practice

This set of practice pieces is an exercise from Jane Davenport's "Supplies Me!" online course that uses Peerless watercolors. They are intense watercolor in the form of sheet which makes them ideal for travel. I had these watercolors laying around for years and it was fun to finally learn to use them and also make a "palette" of pieces of them instead of trying to use the individual sheets which is cumbersome (and messy).

This first try was on a Strathmore Mixed Media bound journal. The page may have had gesso on it. The flesh was mixed using an orange and blue/violet. The color was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it which is annoying! I have been having problems with my Peerless sheets - they seem to have not much paint on them and they would quickly "pill up" making them useless. I'm wondering if it is because they are so old.

I redid the exercise in a spiral Strathmore Mixed Media journal. I wrote notes that the paper sucked up the paints and I couldn't move them around like Jane was doing in her demo. Jane was using Fabrino Artistco hotpress paper. Papers do make a difference, but from my experience in my Dion Dior class I know that I tend to not use enough water when watercoloring. Again, practice is needed. Different brushes hold paint and water differently. I need to build up my skill of my tools!
In this painting I got frustrated and touched up with color pencil, black gel pen and a Stablio "All" marker which is actually a pencil. Looking at my first exercise I noticed that  I did use a black pen for the eyes, defining the nostrils and lips; and I used a white marker for a few highlights.

Very different look from the first one and in my notes I proclaim I liked the first one better. Because it was easier?

I gave this exercise ANOTHER try in the same journal and I don't know if I did it before or after this second one. Things want terribly awry but I tried to salvage it. I wrote "Never give up - never surrender!' on it. What happened was the page had gesso on it and I claimed how I hated working on gesso except with acrylics. I switched to my Staedtler markers. I wrote how I don't really like the Staedtlers. I still agree with this statement since trying to use them in different ways. I had two sets of markers, the Staedtle and Tombows. I gave my Tombows to my niece to help get her into stamp art. Glad I gave her the Towbows because they are easier to use! At some point I'll be repurchasing some Tombows. I don't like Tombows because of the fact they are very NOT light fast. But then I'm using them in a journal so what does it really matter?

I then switched over to Letraset Aquamarkers which I proclaim in my notes work much better on gesso than the other markers and watercolor paints. At some point I will play over the top of this drawing when I have the time to see if I can redeem it.

I've been working on so many different surfaces since then and am still grappling with working on them. I may find I like working on gesso more than I thought/currently think. The plus is that you can rub stuff off easily because paint will stay on the surface and not absorb into the paper. But that is also a minus - some art supplies won't apply smoothly because of that same characteristic.  As Jane says, it is a process and I definitely need to just keep doing it, playing around and not being afraid to mess up.

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Looking better all the time Debbie! :)