Thursday, January 23, 2014

My First Mermie in the Mermaid Shaped Book

My first mermaid was one that Teesha Moore showed us how to do in the Mermaid Circus class. I actually redid her face from when I first made her as you will see in my progress photos shown below. I used a method Jane Davenport taught us later in the class where you use color copies of your own work and then "redo" it. You may recognize this face from my journal in an earlier post. The neat thing about using your own work is that you can "correct" what you didn't like or what was wrong. The eyes were fairly "off" so I was able to correct them. Not perfect, but I'm getting use to the technique.

Just a note on how I present the pages. When you look at a page in the mermaid shaped book, you will see parts of  pages behind it.

This photo shows how the book folds together.

In some of my photos, I will place two sheets of white paper behind the page to concentrate on the page I've made. I do this especially when I have other pages in progress behind the page I was photographing and didn't want the page behind to distract.

Now for Teesha's technique. I can detail her methods since she gives permission to do so.

First I drew an outline of my mermaid on the page. Then I cut out scales to do the tail. You then put the scales down so they overlap. Teesha uses a Tombow double sided tape dispenser to glue everything down. I've had problems with using double sided tape. I've lost scales off of this page so it doesn't work well for me. Perhaps my tape was too old LOL.

FYI I'm using collage pieces from one of Anahata Katkin collage books and cutting pieces from magazine pages I saved for their color or patterns. I painted the arms and hair with acrylic paint and used paint pens over the top of everything.

Here is the finished product. Before I changed it ;).

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