Friday, January 03, 2014

More Face Practice in my "Seeing Double" Journal

Yes, is the new year and it is "out with the old, in with the new!" Thus I am anxious to get my "old" artwork posted so I can move on to the new stuff I'm doing and am very excited about! Not to say I won't be continuing my practice, but I find in posting the older stuff I just am forgetting what I did. This blog is all about documenting for myself, so I'm losing value the longer I wait to post

This one will get more work on her for certain. She is a mixed media of mostly acrylic. I feel she is my "break through" face. I'm starting to pull things together a bit. Although, her eye spacing from the nose is off, but at least her eyes are level!!

You will see her again later when I start posting my collage exercises where I use color copies of my own work which is another fun Jane technique.

This is a page that probably should have been included with my pastel post. I did her before the one above. I started playing with a 3/4 face which I still struggle with to get correct. But it is a good exercise - using pastel pencils on a surface not designed for them, doing a pose I have trouble with. Practice, practice!!

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