Saturday, January 04, 2014

Mixed Media Three-Quarter Turned Face Practice

This is my finished mixed media project for a three-quarter turned face for "Express Yourself" - another Jane Davenport class. She gives a lot of examples of how to make changes in the face to go from a neutral face to smiling, frowning, etc. This exercise was designed to show how subtle changes around the edges of the the mouth and eyes and eyebrows can totally change the expression. You can use tracing paper or a transparency to draw different type of eyebrows and then try them out by placing the paper where the eyebrows will go. This is a great exercise and I highly recommend it. I typically just draw erase, draw erase. Which can make a mess!!

This mixed media drawing was done on in a 9 x 12" spiral Strathmore mixed media journal. The surface was gessoed. My notes say at the top "Boy -this was a BEAR!" Doing watercolor and color pencil over textured gesso is very difficult.  Jane makes doing this very easy. She later painted over most of the face to smooth out the dark lines and also used gesso. I need to do this one again (and again).

I drew this face twice in my sketch book before I did this one. There was an improvement in each attempt, unlike my Peerless water color exercise where my efforts seemed to produce work I liked less and less. Three-quarter faces are tough for me so practice is essential!!

             My first one                                                          My second one

There were different problems which each one, I learned something from each. These sketches were done in a 9" x 12"  blank book I got years ago when Borders went out of business. I bought 6 of them (they were $5 a piece) and gave 3 as gifts. But I never used them because they are like writing in a big text book and at the time I only had time to write/draw in a travel journal. This journal was just too big to travel with.

I tend to like spiral notebooks better because I can flip them over and the page lies flat. Jane has gotten me to play with spreading art over two pages in a bound journal. So I pulled this one out. The paper is too thin to do anything but pencil on it, but the paper is nice to draw on. This is my journal of choice at home. I use it to work along with my on-line video classes the first time through. I make lots of notes as I go. I then will repeat the exercise using the supplies used in the class video.  It is funny how we change how we work through the years!   

You can see how long ago I did these. The sketches were done in July and I did the mixed media project at the end of August.          


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Joseph Ha said...

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