Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mermaid Circus!!

Finally. I'm catching up to more "recent" work and one of my FAVORITE online workshops: Mermaid Circus.  Please note that this photo is the book that Teesha and Jane made NOT mine (don't I wish!!).

It is a joint workshop by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore - both artists who I admire greatly! The two did a fabulous job on this workshop. It is great because they have totally different yet complimentary styles. I am learning so much from this course. The site closes on January 26th, so I am scrabbling to catch up before the materials are no longer available. I've printed a bunch of lessons out and am taking notes. Jane's videos aren't downloadable so I'm watching them like crazy!! Unfortunately, this incredible workshop is not available at the moment. I'm hoping that they will run it a 3rd time. It started back in September and there were so many lessons loaded each of the 8 weeks of the course. It also had a Facebook group and it's own blog. Fabulous!

Over the next few weeks I'll be uploading the work I did for one of the journals for Mermaid Circus. It is a handmade book shaped like a Mermaid. Those who know of my book making passion and past work will understand how this was so up my artistic alley!! I'm almost done with the book. I am determined to finish it - I have a nasty habit of starting a project and never finishing. Not this time!! These are the pages before I assembled the book. Teesha has you paint the pages before assembly which makes painting the backgrounds far easier. I of course picked bright colors which I partially regretted later LOL. I had trouble paging the pages because of my reduced dexterity. I want to airbrush them next time!

FYI Teesha has an entire series on making a 16-page journal from a single piece of watercolor paper. She also shows how she paints the pages, collages, and does the pen work. It is a great series on YouTube - it is on Tracy (her husband's) Moore's channel. I'd put the link but they tend to "break" so it is easier to search for it on the YouTube site.

A note on the following posts regarding Mermaid Circus. Jane requests that her techniques are not discussed outside of the class so I won't be detailing how I do her methods. Her classes are reasonably priced and she has lots of free videos on her site. I can go into how Teesha does her work since her philosophy is that there is only one of her and that we should "go forth and share her techniques." The only wrinkle is that she is more about collage than painting and I tend to paint more than I collage. I don't have collage elements I love yet. I need to collect some I love and I'll work on it in the future. I think collage will be in my future since I will eventually have problems drawing due to my physical issues. So there are ALWAYS options! Yay!!

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Kim said...

Cool stuff! So happy you are able to do art work again! :)