Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jane-Style Mermaid

For this Mermie, I used Jane Davenport's Mermaid Circus lesson on doing collage "Jane style." Jane uses color copies of her own faces and reuses them in collages to save time in drawing the face. The arm is from a magazine which is cut at the elbow and wrist so it could be placed in the proper position for the composition. I painted the body with acrylics, pasted the face and arm down, then painted the rest over the top with acrylics. I did the tattoo with markers. The fish was cut out from wrapping paper that I brightened it up with Prisma color pencils.

Notice the above photo was taken without the white paper backing. You can see the other pages behind. The solid blue is the inside of the cover. The little piece peeking from the left side is the tail of the Teesha collaged mermaid tail. The mermaid peeking over this Mermaid's tail is from another page I'll be showing you later.

I don't have a good color copier, but it actually worked OK. I used Golden matte medium over the face to "fix" the ink since my copier is an inkjet. The copy smeared a bit, but that doesn't matter because you paint over it. I was able to fix the eyes from this early on face I drew. Do you recognize her? She is my Journey Woman done back in June! See how she changed:
This is a neat method because you have the chance to fix some things and the face won't look the same way twice. Fun!
I haven't put lettering on any of my pages yet. I will get there. But I want to get all the mermaids done first!!!

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Kim said...

Nice work Debbie! Love the colors!