Monday, December 09, 2013

The Problem with Waiting too Long to Post Work....

Is that you really don't like what you did because you are doing "better" now. So I'm throwing a number of my various "play" pages from Jane's classes. Mostly they are from the "Supplies Me!" where I am learning to use new tools. So of course there is a learning curve. For me a STEEP one! LOL.  So here we go - a whirl wind tour!!!

A journal spread in my travel Moleskine journal (medium sized - not my pocket one!

Playing with Sumi ink, which again, doesn't want to dry. Grrrrrr!!!!

She is acrylic, color pencil and some pen paints on a gesso back ground that was covered with acrylic paint. I'm just not use to this surface since I normal paint directly on the paper.

I am very intimidated by alcohol markers. Well, any type of markers. So this is a try using markers of a subject that I love to draw (I was suppose to draw another face.) I believe this is on gesso, which is just a weird surface to work on with alcohol markers. They don't blend and tend to lift.

This was a homework exercise for "Supplies Me!" for the section on alcohol markers. I did it in a big journal. This is all about just letting go for me. My comfort zone is single pieces of paper (so I can crunch them up and throw them away if I hate them - and I usually do - I'm trying to break myself of that!). My supplies of choice are pencils, color pencils, and water color. So this is all scary (and good) for me!!

 This is again an exercise from "Supplies Me" in the marker section. This is a copy of what Jane did in her demo.

Jane uses distress ink for hair and I tried that here as well. It does work well. I didn't have distress ink (she uses Ranger products) but some Walnut Stainz which I believe is a similar product.

This was straight on Strathmore Mixed Media paper in a journal. Again - scary. But not totally because it is one of the spiral bound ones where I can still easily tear it out ;). But I am resisting. I would have thrown out all of these drawings.

For the next blog I will be showing what I did with pastels. Interesting for certain!!

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