Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pastel Play!

This is pastel pencils on an acrylic painted background. 

Confession - I LOVE her! I didn't finish her because I didn't want to screw her up.

So here she remains as she is!

This was Jane's pastel lesson from her "Supplies Me!" workshop.

This is the pastel face that Jane did as a demo. My version is pretty creepy. I'm learning to draw a 3/4 face and haven't nailed it.

Again, this one would have been in the garbage if I had my way.

I keep telling myself that this is a good practice. I now can look at this and I know how to fix it. So I am learning which is exactly the point of drawing, and drawing, and drawing.

What is interesting is that I really believe I get intimidated by the tools. Below is a sketch from my plain paper sketch book. It is in pencil - my COMFORT zone!

I do better when I am working in my "junk" everyday journal with whatever tools I have laying around.

As I use all these other tools enough, I will get comfortable with them.

Practice, practice, practice!

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Anonymous said...

Love the first one too! Nice work Debbie! :)