Monday, December 09, 2013

Altered Book Spread

This is one of the first pages I did for Jane Davenport "Supplies Me" class. I did this spread in the first altered book I ever did in a class at a store that I dearly loved and is no longer there...sigh....

I learned a lot from Jane about altered books, even though I had worked in a number of them with very limited success. I now know why. For this page to be successful I had to glue multiple pages together. I think I knew this at one time, but I did NOT appreciate how many pages I needed to glue together to get a solid base.

I learned more about altered books and had a real ah-ha moment in Jane's "Joynal" class. I will share that in a future post!

Here is what I did (I've included a montage below using a cool app called Picframe). I gesso-ed the pages (the lesson was on gesso) and then put acrylic paint over the top. I gel medium-ed in some torn book pages and applied some background stamps. I then cut out some flowers and pieces for her face and gel medium-ed those down. I believe I applied a thin layer of gesso to tone down the print. Put in my girl with acrylic paint, color pens and a white paint pen (for high lights). I used charcoal pencil for shading around flowers, book text strips. I used sumi ink for the details and writing. I had a problem in that the ink never dried completely. Won't use THAT again.

I will probably work on it a bit more in the future. Jane goes back and keeps adding to her pages which is pretty cool. You are actually never done with them. I both love and hate this concept: love that if I don't especially like the page that I have a chance to redeem it - hate that nothing is ever "finished".

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