Sunday, October 06, 2013

Seeing Double

This post shows the journal that I used in the "Dabber Challenged" post and is used in future posts. I made this journal for a show invitation that was extended to me. The theme was "Twins." I made a a coptic binding so it would open perfectly flat. The outside cover is "twined" profiles on the leading edges on both the front and back covers. The pattern I used sort of obscured the profile.

The inside pages were shaped to provide a reversed profile to give a "twin" again.

And to top it off I carved a stamp with the symbol for Gemini - "The Twins" - and stamped the pages in gold ink. OK, totally corny, but I thought I was sooo clever at the time LOL.

I titled the piece "Seeing Double." The paper is pretty hardy so it is working well for the projects I am doing in my Jane Davenport workshops.  Jane does a lot of face drawing lessons so this journal was made for faces!!!


Kim said...

COOL! :)

Going For Greatness said...

This is really neat!! <3
xx Gabi

Going For Greatness said...
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