Saturday, October 05, 2013

Penny Discovers the Blue Bird of Happiness!

I took what I learned in Jane Davenport's "Supplies Me!" workshop and applied it to one of my favorite subjects - Poodie Girls!! I did this on a watercolor postcard to send to my good friend Kim. The background is acrylic and I used acrylic, color pencil, and water color to do Penny, the bluebird, and tree.

I decided I wanted to do one in my smaller Moleskine travel journal which has odd, smooth, ivory, light-weight "cardstock" pages. Again, using the same approach I got very different results. A bit hard to tell in the photos. I like my first one better I think. Perhaps because it was the first!

I'll keep on working with the techniques to get better! I'm having a lot of fun with it all!!

I showed this drawing to my oldest sister and she commented on how it looked like Walt Disney. So much for me developing my own "style." LOL Jane Davenport talks about developing one's own style. Her comment is that you just have to do lots and lots of art"work". To paraphrase her: you develop your art work by doing lots and lots of the thing you love to do!" If everything could be that much fun!

I do have my own style, I've looked back through my blog posts and forgot half of what I've made. I am looking at evolving it and making it less "cartoony". At least that is my plan. So I will continue to "copy" Jane's style in the classes to learn the techniques. I need lots and lots of practice! I am VERY excited about this! I finally am focusing on the process and keeping my inner critic under better control. Thank you Jane!!!

Update: this was the little doodle that gave birth to this drawing.

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Kim said...

It looks great framed in my kitchen, love it! :)