Friday, October 04, 2013

Dabber Challenged

This face was inspired by Jane Davenport's "Supplies Me!" online course. I was learning to use acrylic paints in dabbers. I am dabber challenged. My dabber's didn't dab. I did everything to them I was suppose to do - completely clean the dabber, thin the paint, etc. No joy.

I painted this face in a journal I made for an artist's forum with the theme of "Twins."  I have decided to start using my handmade/designed journals. What better journal to draw faces in?

The pages have a "profile" shape to them so what you is the edge of the page to the back cover which is shaped like a profile in the other direction. The effect is two faces looking two directions. I will post photos of the book later on - right now it's covers are covered with plastic wrap so I won't get paint all over them. LOL

I redid the above drawing on a watercolor postcard to send to my good friend Kathryn. What a difference a different type of paper makes! Same colors and medias, different look! She came out looking a bit like Katniss in hunger games.

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