Saturday, September 07, 2013


This journal signifies me artistically over the last few years. First, a little reflection on the past.

Back in 2005, I started back doing my art after stamping for almost a decade. I branched out into creative book binding and even did a show with a dear friend. After a foray into trying serious art AGAIN, I embraced my cartoons and the Red Gloved Lady was born. As much as I loved my RGLs, I felt stale and wanted to improve my art skills. I dabbled in some mixed media workshops, but just didn't get "it". I continued to try to "elevate" my drawings to no avail.

Then I injured my elbow some years back. I'm still dealing with it and writing is still tough. I missed art. I even started teaching myself to write and draw left handed. I have had several failed attempts to restart my art. A no go...until...

I was looking at my old blog links and went to Teesha Moore's blog. There was a really cool online workshop she was doing with someone named Jane Davensport: Mermaid Circus. Unfortunately the workshop was filled. Fortunately Jane had a bunch of online workshops. I went to Jane's site to take one workshop and ended up taking 6. I'm working on them now. Some days I'm lucky to get a pencil sketch out. Other days, I work on a mixed media project that I mostly like.

Right now I am copying her style to build the skills to apply to my old style. There is something about Jane that is different than the other workshops I've taken. She is so over-the-top positive and just looking at her makes you smile.  The real difference that I found that helps me is that she shows her working online and how she changes things that she isn't happy with right in front of you. Seeing this process is so helpful! She also stresses to keep focused on the process, not the result. I am all about results. I have so little time to draw that if it isn't going to turn out amazing, I don't finish it and throw it away. With my arm/hand not cooperating...well - my rubbish bin would be well fed!

So why does this journal signify me now? I got these Lama Li journals (which I refer to as my Dali Lama journals) on sale years ago. And I hated them. They did not work for any of the media I used. The elastic closures stretched all out, and I hated the cover that showed dirt very easily. I decided to use one with Jane's classes. I hated it. I drew a face in it: that I hated. Then it dawned on me to treat it like an altered book. I removed pages, glued some together, gessoed and painted surfaces. I love  it now. The odd texture makes me work in a completely different way which I do actually love. Jane and Teesha both say that everything can be saved and that nothing is ever ruined (oh, all that art work that I have tossed over the years *sniff*). I reworked the torn out face that I hated and she is now on the cover.

So I am reworking myself through my art. Wish me luck. And stay tuned.

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Kim said...

Debbie, Stay well and keep drawing! :)