Saturday, September 21, 2013

Journal Crazy

I'm almost embarrassed to say I am working in over 14 journals. Some I had started years back, left lonely on a self. The new ones I started to document my workshops. I am recording notes on how I made a drawing/painting and writing down what worked and what didn't work. I am so tired of looking at something and going "I like that" and I don't remember what materials I used OR doing something that I then remember - oh - that doesn't work on this kind of paper! I need to get used to the fact that sometimes it will be weeks (sometimes months) before I get back to something I was working on and I will definitely forget what I did/was doing.

The journals you see in a stack the left-hand corner with the mermaid on the top are ones I've made specifically for two workshops: Mermaid Circus and Joynal.  I have started using the journals I made for my 2005 show and have been reluctant to use them for fear of ruining them. Jane Davenport got me over that fear!. I've also added to my original altered book that I started in an altered journal class. 

You will be seeing postings on the various artwork in the next few weeks. What is interesting about putting the drawings in journals is that I don't misplace or lose the drawing. An added bonus is that in the bound journals it is difficult to throw them away ;).  It is instructive to go back and look at what I did in the past. I'm finding that I can now see what is "off" in the drawing, and in most cases, know how to fix it. I am definitely learning and evolving at last! Slow but sure!

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Kim said...

Wahoo! Great to see you back into your artwork again! Live and learn Pal, live and learn. Best of luck!! :)