Sunday, October 09, 2011

Champion Trick Dogs - Poodie Girls!

Last Sunday we videoed most of the girls tricks for their trick championship title! Friday the certificates and metals arrived. Penny approved of the metals - they had a border of rhinestones. Bling is "in" as far as Miss Penelope is concerned. Penny's video is on Youtube.

Our own personal photographer, Kim, took all these cool pictures (and most of the video as well). Maggie and Penny were the first champion poodles - we were the third and fourth dogs to obtain the champion title and we are still the only ones that weren't handled by certified trainers! My thanks to all those the wonderful trainers that have trained me and especially to Kim for all her consultations!

Kyra Sundance really liked a trick we threw in last minute for Maggie where Maggie opens a garbage can, finds the "scented" tennis ball out of over a dozen identical tennis balls. Maggie's video is also on Youtube. I'm very proud of my Poodie Girls!


Anonymous said...

Debbie- You should be proud of Maggie, Penny, AND yourself for having the patience, enthusiasm, and brains to take it to the Championship level. It was a pleasure working with all of you! :) ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

What a great accomplishment! Two Trick Dog Champions! Congratulations to you, Penny and Maggie, and to Kim for the fabulous photographs. What a treat to view. QK

Cheryl @ Mandala Oasis said...

Hi Debbie,
It's been a while since I've visited, and what a delight to see Maggie and Penny... all smiles! Congratulations to you all. It's a joy to be back in your bloggerhood. :)