Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Slam Dunk Kid

We have been working on our trick titles and so far Maggie is an "Advanced Trick Dog" with help from Kim. Kim lent us this very cool basket ball hoop. We got Maggie to start throwing the ball into the hoop while standing on a stool. Then we took the stool away. I've been spending a couple weeks with the hoop next to my computer and the only way I will throw the ball for Maggie is for her to put it in the hoop.

Now that Maggie is conditioned to throw the ball in the hoop with her reward being me throwing the ball, we literally raised the "bar" and put the hoop over Maggie's head by about 6 inches. This forces her to jump up, keep the ball in her mouth, and put her head over and then drop the ball in the hoop (this is harder than it sounds for a dog with really long legs.) She got it in about 2 tries!
Maggie is staring at the ball telling me to "Stop holding the basket stand and throw the flipping ball!!" I don't have full weight in the basket stand and didn't want it to fall over on her - a great way to regress in her training!! We'll keep raising the basket for Maggie until it is well over her head and she will be slam dunking with the best of them! ;)

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Anonymous said...

What a great trick! Thanks for the analysis of how to train the perfect Slam Dunk. We’re working on “down” with Merlin. He’s so food motivated that it’s not hard with a treat, but the real trick will be to teach him down without a food incentive. QK