Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oki is Off to the Lexington Horse Park!

Oki and his young owner Mallory is off to the Lexington Horse Park to compete in the National Junior Young Rider's Program!! AND we're invited! Len already knows where he wants to eat ;)

I have been very lucky to have my horse's new owners keep me updated in what they are up to and even invite me to events. They have been VERY generous. Anni is doing great and I better get out to one of her driving events soon before Ilyana stops inviting me! Aikman is doing great in upstate NY. Of course we can't give away Mr. Mac the evil one. He is doing great here with Jennie Meyer at Meygas - we are keeping our fingers crossed that he makes it without any sickness through this August (a bad month for him). So all is well on the equine front. May it stay that way!!

Oh - and Oki's trainer/seller Jennifer Baumert is off for Olympic try-outs!! Wish her luck! And thank you Jen for staying in touch with me - it's been over a year since you sold Oki!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Oki and Mallory are competing at such a grand event (and that you and Len are going to see it!). Oki and Anni are part of your family even if they are owned by others now. Our four-legged children never leave our hearts. Queen Kathryn