Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is Here?!

Spring arrived on Sunday, March 20th according to our local weather man who in the next breathe announced the snow/sleet to arrive the next day. So should he have described it as a "springry mix" instead of the "wintry mix" he's been announcing the last couple weeks? Ha! He didn't dare after the winter we have had. Now we actually shouldn't complain (but of course we do). We actually had a normal winter. We sort of forgot what a real winter was like in wonderful Upstate New York. We have been blessed by global warming the last few years and forgot what winter is suppose to be like. Now, don't turn me into Army Fighting Global Warming folks. But logic dictates that I prefer it to the our past. We have evidence all around us of the glacier that this area sat under for thousands of centuries. So yep - I'm a global warming girl... Very easy for me to say since we live hundreds of feet above sea level.

Now, back to this alleged arrival of Spring. I spent the first day of said alleged Spring walking the farm with a manure fork in hand. I'm doing what I've done during the last couple weeks of the thawing of 3 to 4 feet of snow that we accumulated over the winter - picking up dog poop. Yes, it is a glamorous job, but someone needs to do it. There is actually amusement to be had in this function. We had snow piles from snow removal higher than 10 feet high. Our puppies, being the clean freaks that they are, liked to go on top of the highest snow pile to keep the poop out of sight (it was difficult for them to run to the middle of a field and hide it there.) Come to think of it, Penny was being neat. However I believe Maggie did it to acknowledge the fact that she climbed to the highest point in her world and it was her variant to planting a flag like those conquering towering heights of the world's highest mountains.

Maggie reveled in winter. Penny is a sensible girl and stayed to the plowed and shoveled paths. Maggie went "cross-country" doing laps in the deep snow although due to considerable ice, she mostly managed to stay on top of the crust. When Maggie did run down the plowed roads, she would careen side to side bounding up the plowed drifts and leaping off back to the road and across to the other side of the road like a drunk tobogganer. Very fun to watch. Over an inch of ice did not slow Maggie down. She would still run as fast as she could and then spent a lot of energy to try to slow down so she could turn. She reminded me of Bambi on ice (but this Bambi was clearly on Crack). Meanwhile, I could barely hobble with ice grippers clamped to my boots. Maggie had the advantage of 4 feet and a fearless attitude. Penny would stick close to me, but too close in case I fell. Penny is not like Lassie who would throw herself under me to break my fall. If I fell into a well, Penny would run home and "tell" Len she should be fed more since I wasn't coming home for dinner - ever.

So how can poop pick-up be amusing? I guess because of the mountain of snow we had at the end of our driveway by our house. When I could safely climb on top of it, I would clean it up. Then we'd have more melting. Another layer of poop would be revealed. I felt like an archaeologist working my way down through geological time. I could identify our 18 inch storm, then the one inch of ice. Just like any civilization, I saw evidence of weather impact on the inhabitants. No poop right after the ice storm - not even Maggie could make it up the snow mountain when covered with ice that was then wet with rain. There was stretch of time when there was only Maggie poop - the weather was so cold that Penny decided she could hold it for a day or two until the weather behaved itself. I was reminded of the winter we had in reverse order as that snow mountain melted down, was built up again, and melted again. Yes, we can see the ground in the flat areas of the farm , but the snow mountain still remains, a shadow of itself.

You may in reading this surmise that I clearly live a boring life. It is quite the contrary. I can find something amusing wherever I go and in whatever job I do.

Have a great Spring (whenever it gets here!)

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Anonymous said...

I think this is absolutely hilarious. I would find humor in this as well. I think it shows why we're friends. :) Hope all is well with you, Len, and the girls!

love d