Friday, October 22, 2010

Maggie's Speed Retreive Title

My oh my it HAS been quite awhile. For the past 2 months I have been suffering from a pulled tendon in the elbow of my right arm; which in trying to protect the elbow by using my left arm I managed to totally screw up my neck. Don't ask. The details are boring. I asked my physical therapist if I could just move in with her to save all the commuting. I hope I heal before Thanksgiving. So, before it snows, I do want to finish off a couple noteworthy summer posts. This is one of two.

As Maggie was working on her Big Air National title, she was also working on her Speed Retrieve tilte. What is speed retrieve? Speed retrieve is where you and your dog stand behind a line 20 feet from the end of the dock, a signal is given and you send your dog out to retrieve a dummy at the end of the pool. The time it takes for your dog to run, jump, swim and pull the dummy off the holder is recorded. Maggie now has her "Express" title. It is actually quite funny to watch her. Maggie has such a soft mouth that it takes her a good 3 seconds to pull both sides of the dummy off the holder (both sides have to come off to stop the timer). Needless to say she will not be setting any speed records. One of the officials commented "I've never seen such a soft mouth on a dog!" Well, a soft mouth on a hunting dog is a GOOD thing.

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Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO MAGGIE! You are one up on me, I'm still working on my speed retrieve title.
Your Diving Buddy,