Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ultimate Air Dog

We had some real excitement this past weekend. First the GOOD excitement. Maggie won the novice championship at her first Ultimate Air Dog event at L'Oreal! We were so happy AND surprised. We've been in 2 single day competitions at Hudson Valley Dock Dogs which is only 2 hours away from us. These events are quiet and where we practice. At L'Oreal it was NUTS! The dock was way shorter, the pool was 10 feet shorter, the exit was a wobbly ramp instead of stairs, and people and dogs were EVERYWHERE even hanging on the edges of the pool. I was happy Maggie jumped in these conditions, so to win the championship was a major feat for her! Len and Penny was not there - they were at a shooting event. When Len so the trophy he asked if I was the "novice" and Maggie was the "champion" and I said YES! Penny said - "hoo-hum, what on earth is the big deal and where is my food?" The trophy is bigger than Maggie and has a cute cartoon of a dog flying into the water.

Here's a few pictures to get a feeling for the venue.

This is our first practice jump - Mom didn't throw very far - it was weird throwing in a short pool and I was worried to throw too far and hit the people at the end of the dock!Here is our first competition jump - looks like I was praying but I was clapping because she finally went off. She was completely stopping before jumping. It is quite amazing she can clear 10 feet from a total standstill.
Here is Maggie's best friend Zoe showing how it is done! Zoe did very well and got into finals in her division. Zoe took third against VERY tough competition. The really big air dogs find the short dock difficult so they were jumping in her division. Zoe is a sprinter and doesn't need the long dock. In this shot Kim threw the duck over my head out of the pool. It gives you a sense of how short the pool is - I'm taking a picture from the end of the pool. To the left is the "evil" ramp Maggie had trouble with. By her last jump she sorted it out. Of course Zoe figured it out the first time. I don't need to tell you which one is the "smart" friend of the duo! And here is what Maggie SHOULD of looked like ;). At practice she finally got running and jumping without stopping. I was excited and hoped we'd have this for L'Oreal. It was not to be.We are VERY proud of our Maggie. And to tell the truth - she would have not gotten a championship if she was running and jumping. Instead of jumping at the top of her division, she would have been in the bottom of the next division. We had a BLAST at L'Oreal and I will get my post up on that. I'm so behind!

Here's the BAD excitement. Mac got sick again the Thursday before we left. I figured he was on his way to the hospital. We almost didn't go on Friday, but his fever was down and we went. Then when we got to the hotel and I called to check it was up. I was deciding whether to turn around and go back home. We decided to wait until morning. Then his fever was DOWN. It was an omen to continue with the event - and what an event it was! Mac pulled through WITHOUT going to the hospital. Routine treatment of his ulcers even when he seemed fine was the major difference. He appears out of the woods. We immediately started treating him for Lyme (AGAIN - he was on doxy for 3 months the last time) and are waiting on getting the blood work back. I HATE TICK BORNE DISEASES!!

Stay tuned - I do have lots of posts to do. Life has been, as always, crazy with plenty of funny stories and news and fun art!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Debbie and Maggie!!!!!
You are BOTH champions in my book!
Congratulations on your much deserved win, all that practice finally paid off. :)
Your Dock Diving Buddies,
Kim,Jet,and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both you and Maggie for the magnificent performance at the L’Oreal Ultimate Air Dog event. I’ve watched Air Dog events on television before and they are so exciting. Both handler and dog have to perform well to win. You two deserve the trophy! QK