Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to Cool Off

I re-did my mischievous pair of Poodie Girls for my Art de Cure submission. Well, one mischievous and the other rather annoyed. I am happy with the result. The redone art piece is more watercolor than water color pencil and gives it a light feel. I still felt that the background was better as white: this makes the girls "pop out." I'm happy with how I captured both of their personalities. Maggie is always trying to annoy Penny. She will come out of the pond and try to body slam Penny or shake off by Penny - getting Penny wet. And of course Penny is mortified that she is getting her "do" wet. Maggie continues to be very low on Penny's list.

This is the matted piece (I couldn't fit the frame on the scanner). Unfortunately you can't tell by this scan but the piece is brighter and very cheery with the bright blue mat. I sure hope someone likes it and buys it for the event: it is for a very good cause! If not, I'll be happy to keep it and use it for my next show. It will make a lovely postcard as well.

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Anonymous said...

I love the “Time to Cool Off” picture (great title, too). I’m glad to see you are happy with the final product (I always liked the drawing). I wish you the best of luck at the Art de Cure showing. It’s great that you have a chance to share the art we all love with new admirers. QK