Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Make a Splash!

This was the layout of my first idea for the "Make a Splash" submission for the Art de Cure show. I've been working on a new musical free-style for Penny: "Singing in the Rain." When I heard the theme was "Make a Splash", I immediately pictured one of my red-gloved-ladies joyfully dancing in the rain. My original pencil sketch had her holding an umbrella dancing in the rain. But the portion was wrong - the piece would be two narrow and tall. I am very pleased with this version - she is so happy splashing in a puddle after a down pour. I hope someone loves this piece and buys it. She is pure joy and makes me smile whenever I look at her. I want to put my boots on and splash in puddles with her!!!

This is a scan of the final piece with the puddle and splash completed.
Again - this scan doesn't do the final piece justice - it is very vibrant.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see you submitted “Make a Splash” in the Art de Cure show. I liked this drawing the first time I saw it. The sheer exuberance puts a smile on my face. I’m also happy you went with the color theme, to include the polka-dotted boots. This really does work! Good luck. QK