Monday, July 05, 2010

Art de Cure: Make a Splash

I have been neglecting my art lately. So what is the best possible way to motivate me to do some art? If you wisely said to have a deadline by which to make art, you would be entirely correct. My friend Kerri tends to kick me in the pants at key moments: she got me invited to "Art de Cure" to benefit the American Diabetes Foundation. The theme is "Make a Splash" and the opening is July 30 with an art drop-off date of July 18th. Yep - that is REALLY close. So naturally I am panicking! I've never done something with this close a deadline.

I had high hopes of doing mixed media with lots of acrylic paint and various inks. It was not to be because 1) I spent 10 hours creating GARBAGE and 2) our AC went out in my art room and we are in the middle of a wicked heat wave. So I moved to Plan B on Saturday night and worked using color pencils and water color. I sat on the couch ignoring my friends and family (much hurumphing from Penny) Saturday night and produced the art work above. The next day I looked at the finished piece to find it was defective - I had "splatter" from Maggie on the white background. I tried to fill in a background and it looked muddy (I scanned the piece prior to adding the background). So I moved to mostly watercolor to avoid tiny specks of color pencil. UGH!

So today I ended up re-doing it below. It is much better in that there is no "splatter" and the white is pristine. I will be framing it with a mat. Len has had nothing but criticism of it saying he liked the first one better AND it should have a background. I'm going with the "clean" look for this piece (and the second one as well) since I am not doing a collage this time. Perhaps I will get brave later this week and add a background. I'll post the second piece tomorrow with, of course, the story behind the art!


Kerri Jean said...

I love this, and I don't think it needs a background, other than perhaps some very light blue sky - but even that is not necessary to me. I love the little details - the pool, with two of the fish looking up - the splashes, the hose nozzle, and of course the girls' personalities captured perfectly.

Cheryl @ Mandala Oasis said...

I am SO glad you're still blogging your art! I love this piece, although I love all your always, ALWAYS brings a smile to my heart and yes, a giggle. You have a gift for making everything come alive on the page. I felt at any momentm, the the brown pooch was going to spray me with water! ..and how loveable they both are.

I also enjoyed reading your artist statement, learning about how all this evolved. Oh, how I'd love to be self-taught in this type of art; one day maybe. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your life art that you create. And.. I want those red gloves! I LOVE them - a fun, stylish signature for you.

Have a great week, and fun time creating more art. Non-serious is indeed the only way to go...that's where the soul of it is!

Blessings to you, and your art world... hugs, Cheryl