Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Artist Statement

I occasionally have to go through the pain and suffering of writing an artist statement. It is painful, it hurts, it is boring, it is tedious, it feels really retarded. I procrastinate writing one at all costs. I rather go to the dentist or even the gynecologist!

I am actively marketing my art which means, yep - I need to update my artist statement. I followed the recent advice of one of my favorite artists Luann Udell. AND IT WORKED!! I finally have an artist statement that tells my unique story & allows people to understand the "me" behind my art. I wonder if I was finally able to do this now because I recently figured out who I am and what my art really is?

Here is my artist statement thanks to Luann Udell for the inspiration, Kerri Posson for the encouragement, and Kathryn Barth for the great editorial advice!

Debbie Wachel
Artist Statement
June 23, 2010

I have spent over half my life struggling to create “serious” art. The cartoons I’ve happily created since the day I could put crayon to paper I viewed as fun doodles but not real art. I finally realized that after I labor for days trying to produce serious art all I can see are the flaws in the finished product. In contrast, looking at one of my cartoons produces a smile and often a delighted giggle.

I now have the wisdom to realize that seriousness is highly over-rated and I have given myself a great gift: the freedom to embrace my silly side. By doing this I hope that I am giving you a gift as well. I want you to smile, and even giggle, when you look at my art because it strikes a chord deep inside and conveys a funny story that relates to something you have experienced.

I have been drawing since I can remember and am self-taught. As a child, my primary subjects were horses, dogs and girls. I think I drew what I didn’t have but desperately wanted. There were no pets in our home. I also had no friends my age. I grew up in the heyday of Disney and Looney Toons where animals were major characters with personalities, not just accessories to life; I’m certain this had a big influence on my art.

Decades later, my subjects are the same: horses, dogs and girls (with a cat, bird and occasional goat thrown in here and there). At the age of thirty horses entered my life. In my forties wonderful girlfriends entered my life. In my fifties dogs entered my life. Life is indeed good! Real life models of my childhood inspirations and desires now surround me.

My art falls into three collections: ponies, puppies and ladies. These are the images that best represent my true art and who I am as an artist. I am inspired by funny phrases, funny situations and the amazing personalities of my human and animal friends. Most of my cartoons are inspired by a real person or animal and are based on a true story.

I draw horses and dogs that I know well since my goal is to capture their essence and their perception of the crazy world in which humans live. I love sorting through situations where their world intersects ours because hilarity often ensues at these junctures.

I draw my friends and myself in various situations and love to explore different facets of the same person. Some of my ladies represent various alter egos that I wish I could take on (and sometimes do!). My “Red Gloved Lady” series just happened one day and evolved into a society with a rather large membership. These spunky red-gloved ladies are quite popular.

I enjoy crafting my cartoons in a non-traditional mixed media style, which allows me to explore different methods and brings a different dimension to a traditional cartoon. This also makes cartoons more accessible as art that can be hung on the wall in your home.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it. And, if I’ve succeeded in my ultimate goal, may you find your smile turn into a giggle. We need more giggle-filled days in our lives!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Debbie! So happy you have finally accepted yourself and your artwork, both are truly wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Debbie - this is wonderful!!! Being serious about producing art shouldn't mean the art has to be serious! You have an amazing gift to give personality to everything you draw - and I personally think - and have always thought - everything you produce is fantastic!!

Love d