Sunday, May 02, 2010

Trying to Keep my Head Above Water

That is where I have been (not in the toilet, but figuratively trying to keep my head above water)!! It is timely that tonight I just order this image as my newest Art Storycard! I added a background to a cartoon I did in 2008 about our house "turning traitor" on us.

This will be my 26th Art Storycard to date. Of those 26 sets, only 22 are "good" - I had a couple small printing problem with 4 sets that I won't sell. I'm learning. Many of the images I will "tweak" for the final greeting card. This one is has the saying "Keep Your Head Above Water" thanks to my beloved spouse and great friend Kathryn who tweaked the words.

So I hope you all are keeping your head above water!! I'm struggling to not drown!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey - I feel the same way these days - trying to keep my head above water. I love that card!

I also just got your postcard in the mail - the "baggage." I LOVE it!!!

I think it's so cool what you're doing!!

love dk