Monday, May 10, 2010

Haflinger Hair Nests

Here is my colorized version of a sketch out of my farm journal and soon to be a new Art Storycard! I'm probably going to redo it in my "green" format which is color pencil & watercolor on brown bag paper. I'll then do a vote on which my fans like the best!

This is the original. And I'll reproduce the story behind the picture. I actually did this sketch by my Mom's hospital bedside. It was our first visit to her after Dad's death. It was also our wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner and came home to find Mom had quickly taken ill. We ended up taking her to the hospital which she had to stay for two days. I am still amazed I did this in such stressful circumstances. I take comfort and strength from the farm and critters so I think that is why this came into being at that time.

Haflinger Hair "Nests"

Spring is such a wonderful time of year - the ponies start shedding their winter coasts and its time to shorten their long winter manes for the summer. So each pony gets their new "do". Because it takes so long, only one pony is done a day. When the task is complete a huge mound of white hair appears on the floor and is swept to the side. Mysteriously the pile starts to "shrink" as the day goes on , and if you wait long enough, sometimes the pile completely disappears. And where did it all go? If you look up in the barn and outside in rafters there are little nests, some made entirely our of Haflinger hair...

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Kerri Jean said...

Great illo, and great story. I have a thing for bird nests. I think their constructions are amazing, and I watch in fascination when the birds around my home fly back and forth with bits of twigs and hair and this and that, turning it into a cozy symmetrical home for their young.