Sunday, March 28, 2010

Introducing Art Storycards!

What is an art storycard? Their current incarnation is a standard size glossy postcard with one of my fun images on the front and a corresponding saying on the back. What makes these art "storycards?" I came across this idea because in trying to create various types of art, I repeatably find that my "best" art always ends up being my cartoons. They are the ones that get the most emotional "attachment" - they speak out to people in ways that my attempted "serious" art does not. I believe my cartoons are my best art because each cartoon has a story behind it; and I am better at "telling" a funny story than a serious one. These stories inspire me; whether they are about my ponies, my dogs, my friends, my dreams or life in general.

I've been busily turning my cartoons into art storycards. Currently I am using Vistaprint to produce these lovely full color glossy post cards. I'm starting with postcards because they are less expensive than note cards. I am gaining experience in 4-color printing, layouts, wording and what images appeal to various groups of people. They are also fun to send! Postcards are also less work for the sender - on a postcard there is less room to feel obligated to write in.

Eventually I hope to produce art storycards in a note card format. The format will allow me to put the image on the front, the saying inside, and the story behind the image on the back of the card. For now, the stories will be (or already have been) posted on my blog and I will organize links for them.

You'll be seeing some changes on my blog as I add links to market my art storycards. Yes, I know I should just do a website. But I tried that with my artbooks and I felt that ended up being a waste of time and money. I want to see how my "test" market works with them. I am going to be peddling them to some local stores the old fashion way.

And you will be seeing some other fun products as well like this tote. So much fun!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your sales!
Keep up the great work!

Your Friends Zoe,Jet,and Kim

Kerri Jean said...

I'm so fortunate to be in your test market! Thanks for the dinner & all the goodies last night. I had a great time and LOVE your art story cards

Cheryl said...

Hi Debbie,
So glad you're still here! I LOVE the Art Storcards.. your art makes me smile.. and the dog is adorable too.. :) -- I'm so glad to see your works of art again.

Shine on!
..from Art in Every Day blog, but haven't posted on that one in a while.