Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Say What?

I am letting you guys in on a little project of mine. I'm turning my art into some postcards for sale and you are invited to be my artistic consultants!

Vista Print has such good deals on full color printing as I found with my Christmas card that I'm going to take advantage of that resource. During the sales (which are almost continuous) I plan to put a design order in. I can collect a series of 4-6 cards and package them up for sale. I can easily print up a thumb print legend for the packet. Probably the packaging will be my most expensive part and that will determine if it will be commercially viable. All I'd like is a clear "envelope" box. That way I'll put one image facing out to draw attention, and on the back info, price and a thumb print of what cards are inside.

Kerri has been pointing out to me for years that my art would make good greeting cards. This is a way to find out if she's right without a big expenditure! Greeting cards are much more expensive to print up so postcards are a good way to start!

I also plan to do a pack of dog photo postcards as well if I can get my partner in crime to buy in since her dogs are even more photogenic than mine and she is a great photographer!!

So what can YOU do? When I throw out the artwork let me know what you think. Primarily the following:
  1. Is the image commercially appealing?
  2. Suggestions on a saying to go with the image.
  3. Comments on the background (or potential background when one isn't there)
I'll be putting background to most of them and as we know, backgrounds are my weakness. Many of my backgrounds are taken from sources which I can use freely UNLESS I sell the work. So I can't use those backgrounds and have to go back to the drawing board.

I already sent in an order of "Who's your Mummy" and will show the finished product when it comes in. I have set templates with Vista Print unless I pay another $10 to upload my own image for the back. It may (or may not) be worth it.

So, the current project is my little lady who I have named "Hair on Fire." I'm thinking of a sea green background that has a little texture. So have some fun and let me know what your ideas are! And of course you'll get a free set of cards! I can't wait to see what you come up with because all my friends have wicked senses of humor. They have to since they have me as a friend!

PS: Another potential is my lady currently in my header who I dubbed "Out of Sorts." I guess I subconsciously picked them first because it is how I feel! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Your partner in crime would be more than happy to buy in to the dog postcards, sounds like a great idea!! :)