Sunday, February 21, 2010

ARCH Shangra-la Penelope

Penny has achieved her APDT Rally Championship title! Penny has a number of agility and rally obedience titles, but this is her first championship title and thus goes in front of her name. It required a number of high point totals in two levels of classes in the same trial.

The smaller ribbon is for her individual level championship title. This one is for Level 1, or RL1X. She is 3 qualifying runs away from having her Level 2 championship and we're be working on her Level 3. We are also working towards her Championship Excellent title.

I'm am so proud of Penny who is 5 years old now. I had to retire her from agility because of a medical condition but she can compete in this venue. She is such a gracious soul because she is my very first dog so I made so many mistakes and she forgave me over and over again. Thank you Penny for your patience!

Her is my little winner with the judges and our very pretty instructor (in the back). Thanks Tara for teaching us how to be winners!!


Anonymous said...

All that hard work finally paid off! Best of luck in future trials!
Your friends- Zoe,Jet,and Kim

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME debbie!!! Very cool. :)

love d

Anonymous said...

My congratulations to Penny and to Debbie! Good things come to those who have talent and are patient enough to develop its full potential. -MB

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on Penny’s Championship title. WOW!!!! That is SO impressive. That’s one heck of a ribbon, too. Kiss Penny the Precious Poodle for me. You two make such a good team! -QK