Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Unexpected Surprise

I have spared you competition outcomes regarding Penny's rally obedience and Maggie's agility. Pictures of dogs with ribbons can get very boring. However this one I must share. I received an email from Tara, one of our favorite trainers, congratulating me on Penny achieving a National Ranking in APDT Rally Obedience for 2009. We ranked 4th in the US for her Level 3 title (the highest level). I didn't expect it because we've only done 3 shows and we aren't fast in our runs. I was already proud of Penny because she got first places in all her Level 3 title runs. We need two more "double Qs" for her Championship title and hope to get it in February.
Go Penny!

PS: I just got in the mail Penny's "Award of Excellence" for her Level 3 Title. She has an "Award of Excellence" for her Level 1 Title. Unfortunately, I screwed up and made a mistake on one of her Level 2 Title classes so she doesn't have an "Award of Excellence" for that titles. Much harder to train the owners than the puppies! LOL


Kerri Jean said...

Nice work, both of you!! Great pictures. Penny is always so composed.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is an incredible accomplishment to place 4th nationally. I’m so proud of both you and Penny, the Perfect Poodle. Thank you so much for sharing the joy with your loyal fans. Never hesitate to post accomplishments like this (and we love the dog photos, with or without ribbons). QK

Anonymous said...

love both of the pics!! nice job debbie!
love d