Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign...

Catching up on our England vacation posts. This post is dedicated to a few of the fun signs I came across.

It is very kind of the Brits to remind us Americans which way to look.

And it is good to give a "hoot."

No "Three Coins in the Fountain" - or anything else!

You gotta LOVE the names of some of the streets:

And Mary got around before she lost her head.

And of course because I do LOVE Dollar Stores...

A different way to say shaken, not stirred.

It is fascinating to look at old headstones that are centuries old. This is one our tour guide pointed out. Now it really isn't the real Scrooge. It was carved for a movie. The really strange thing is that it is an actual headstone with the original "owners" name on the other end entirely worn away. I wonder what the original owner thinks about being declared a scrooge!

And this one was on a cute compact on the antique make-up table in our room.
Nag, nag - we left on a Saturday! However, a week later ;)


Kerri Jean said...

Huge fan of signs, words, typography and humor. Love this!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Travel Log on quirky British signage, as much for the actual signs as for the insight into your perceptions. Your sense of humor is really what is so charming about your documentation of these signs, although I must admit, the Poundland sign did get my attention. QK