Friday, December 25, 2009

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Merry Christmas - HO HO HO!

This is the Christmas postcard we sent this year. I took it last year when I had the Christmas Tree set up. Maggie was one year old and a very patient soul! She looks so different now because she is in her "hunting cut." I will have a post on this new look. Yes, I'm VERY behind! I ordered these through Vista Print who I love: great deals, great interface and nice results. I got the full color back that has a cut out of the photo with the words "Have You Been Naughty or Nice" and "Happy Holidays." Lots of fun!

I think I have my idea for next year. We went visiting with the girls partly dressed up. Maggie's Santa Suit no longer fits her and the Christmas robe I got Penny was too tight. X-Large means for an extra-large Chihuahua. When at our primary Vet, the office manager came out and took a picture. What was funny was that Penny had a Christmas tree on her head that sang "Jiggle Bells." Nonetheless, Penny was very happy because I had food in my hand. Maggie, was totally annoyed with the antlers on her head. When Shannon took the picture I knew that Maggie licked her lips and I wondered if the picture would have a big tongue in it. No tongue, but a VERY funny mouth!

Penny looks totally annoyed and Maggie looks deranged! I can DEFINITELY work with this for a card! Check back next Christmas!


Kerri Jean said...

I never cease to be amused at the contrast between the girls. Penny always aloof and annoyed, and Maggie, silly and loving every minute of it. Merry Christmas!!!

Debbie said...

What is funny is that Penny was VERY happy because of the treat in my hand when that photo was snapped. I was surprised by her expression. Maggie was very unhappy about the antlers and was licking her lips a split second before the picture was taken. I guess the camera captured the essence of their beings even though they were momentarily reversed at that moment in time. Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Penny and Maggie in their Christmas “hats.” I think Maggie’s mouth makes her look even more like a reindeer. Penny looks as stately as ever (what a gorgeous girl). This would make a fun Christmas postcard. QK