Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chatworth England

Ok, I have been busily editing pictures to place on my blog and realized how boring it would be for my faithful viewership of 3. After all, one can find much better pictures in books and on the internet taken by real photographers. So true to myself, I am going to share mostly those that are, shall I say, uniquely "Debbie."

The following pictures are from Chatsworth - one of Britain's best loved historic houses and the heart beat of the Peak District National Park, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.This is an interior view of the "house" - which is British for castle ;). We were given a personal tour by Lady Penrod, a personal friend of the lovely couple who owned the estate we were staying at. One person complained because the resident rooms were closed. However, I thought it was incredible because the estate was all decorated for Christmas. Being a Christmas decoration JUNKIE, I was completely happy not to see the bedrooms. More info is provided at their website.

Outside I was fortunate enough to several pictures of the double rainbow that I showed in my previous post. I was also delighted to find a family who actually satisfied one of my welcome signs in our front hall:

Pets are Welcome, Children Must be on Leash

So, here you go...

Yep, this young mother came down the hill with two of her children on leashes. And for good reason! Look what the third one NOT on a leash did:

Yep - children on leashes is a pretty good idea and leave it to the no-nonsense Brits to put it into practice!!

Here is another example of no-nonsense British ingenuity with an artistic flare.
This was a "coal" chute that originally funneled coal to the Estate. Once the Estate was switched over from coal, they turned the chute into a waterfall. This gives a new meaning to "Fish Ladder." I don't remember what the sign said - perhaps "no fishing."

At the end of the tour we returned to our private tour bus with our own British Blue Badge certified guide who was a combination of an excellent historian and a hilarious stand up comedian. We were waiting for a couple people to return so I decided to take a bit of a power nap only to be awaken by sirens.

Turns out an escort of Mercedes and a motor barricade must have dropped off some Very Important Person(s). They all ended up parking by our bus. I snapped this quick photo while Ian (our guide) told me that he wouldn't spring me out of prison. The "plain clothesmen" looked just like they do in our country - totally conspicuous. However, I must admit that the undercover chaps were VERY good. See them there in the right hand corner of the photo?

Here's a close up:
Pretty good eh?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the waterfall!! Looks like a great trip!! How's your back doing? Love d

Anonymous said...

How I absolutely love your sense of humor!!! Yes, the plain clothes men are indeed well camouflaged. The castle looks lovely, befitting an Edwardian couple. The leashed children (my goodness, she has three all under 5?) certainly provide more control than the poor mother would have otherwise. Yes, it is very practical. On the more aesthetic side is the beautiful water cascade/old coal chute they created. That’s a matter of form over function and I love it. Thank you for sharing your unique perspectives. QK

Anonymous said...

Yes it is practical, my parents also put me on a leather leash when I was smaller. If I misbehaved they could easily spank my bare thighs with it.