Friday, November 06, 2009

View from on High...

...atop a Friesian!

This is a REAL catch-up post. It is doubly "catching up" because it is something I've wanted to do for several years now: ride Janus, Jennie's Friesian! I personally like short horses being short myself, so this monster is bigger than I've ever sat on before. I had to wait till I was limber and pain-free enough to be able to get back off him. It wasn't getting up I was worried about, it was the getting off and not shocking my joints. (Of course my beloved husband pointed out it is far easier getting off a horse because they can "help".) Getting off a Friesian is like "watch that first step - its a doozy!"

Janus is FUN!!! It is the first time I've felt a horse really collect for me. This says volumes about Janus (and naturally of Jennie who trained him)- that a "rider" as bad as me can actually collect him!! I'm definitely keeping to my exercises this winter with a goal to take lessons on him this spring provided Jennie doesn't sell him first!

I was an idiot and forgot my camera so forgive the blurry pics. I just loved them and wanted to share regardless. He is SOOOO handsome!

I promise some art work soon. I've been traveling and hope to have some fun artwork when I get back.


Anonymous said...

I am SO JEALOUS!!!! He looks gorgeous - and you look great on him!!!! How awesome for you to ride him!!!! :)
Love d

Sandy said...

That makes two of us.I am so jealous as well! My dream horse is a Friesan. I think you live & work near me, as you mentioned Shaker Vet in one of your posts. We own a thoroughbred and I am going to take riding lessons again. I also have a poodle! So, art, horses, poodles....we share those loves.