Monday, November 02, 2009

In Memory of Molly

The world was a bit sadder place this past summer when Molly, Leanne's beloved Labrador, crossed the rainbow bridge. Molly graced our farm from June, 1998 until she left last December. Molly was the World's Best Dog. I described her that way even once I had a dog of my very own.

We always felt truly blessed to have known Molly's wonderful and generous soul. Molly is the gold standard to which we will forever measure all other dogs. Her photo sits in our picture gallery - where it will always be: Molly will never be forgotten. Part of her spirit will always roam our trails and swim in the ponds. She did indeed have a wonderful life and wonderful family who did what was best for her.

I have mentioned "Molly's Pond" in past posts. Molly's pond became that when in 1999 we drained and cleaned our 3 acre pond. Molly would swim all the time in that pond and it literally disappeared. Fortunately we had a settling pond dug as soon as the main pond was drained. The function of this settling pond was to prevent silt from an incoming stream washing into the main pond. This smaller pond could then be easily cleaned out taking far less effort than the main pond. This settling pond was dubbed Molly's pond because this is where she spent her summer swimming. It had a huge pile of dirt next to it and Molly would run and leap off the top diving into the pond. Molly would have definitely been a champion dock diver! I was lucky enough to catch her in mid-dive with my 35mm camera jumping into her pond. Molly was just over a year old at that time.

So we found a wonderful statue to put by Molly's pond in her memory. Molly's pond is one of three ponds on our property and is the prettiest. Wayne built us a waterfall and that is where Molly will sit in the spring, summer and fall - overlooking her pond. In the winter, Molly's statue will sit in the barn where she always sat. In the place that when you came to the barn you would see her sitting in that spot to greet you, tail perpetually wagging.

We miss you both!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the statue at Molly's pond. What a wonderful tribute to an incredibly special being!!!

Love d

Kerri Jean said...

How totally fitting. The statue is a beautiful symbol for such a beautiful soul.