Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unusual 911 Responders

We started our "Halloween Month" last weekend for our therapy dog work. This means that we are dressing our beloved puppies for their visits to the delight of the guests and staff.Here are our girls showing they are ready to respond to any 911 call. Maggie is the K-9 Fire Chief ready to snuff out any fire or help a kitty that is up a tree. Of course, with help like Maggie's, the kitty may prefer to stay up the tree! Zoe is the number one sheriff in town and I wouldn't give HER any trouble!
Zoe poses with one of the Guest's home staff. We need special permission to publish any pictures of residences so here is one of the helpful staff loved posing with Sheriff Zoe. Zoe is begging her "Mom" to GET THIS THING OFF ME!! It was an extra large costume made by people whose idea of extra large is a guinea pig.
Maggie ponders if those shoes are fire retardant or not - they look rather suspicious...

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Going For Greatness said...

Isn't therapy dog work AMAZING!!
HEY! I MISS YOU!! I have a present for you and well...I sorta need your address please!!
you can email it to me!
plus I have a long letterI've written to you too!
Gabi and Mackie too!!