Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheering and Clowning Around

Part II of Halloween Month!
The girls were back in costume for therapy dog work.

Penny got the clown outfit from her friend Zoe. Kim said Zoe looked demented as a clown so the Poodle got the gig ;). Don't you just love Jet's "team"? GO D-O-G-S-! Penny even has her tail decked out!

But there was a small issue of when Penny's tail wagged the decorations flew off. So they moved to her ears.
Jet is cheering it up - go DOGS, go DOGS!

Oh - I forgot - Penny got tired of the hat so I ended up with it. She looks as if she really rather not be seen with me.

And Maggie didn't escape. We dressed her up afterwards. Good thing we didn't take her for therapy work. She'd just lie down on the job!!

Well, I was planning on alternating between putting up a post of pictures, then art work. Life had different plans for me so we'll be catching up with LOTS of pictures.


Anonymous said...

Good - I LOVE pictures! :) I personally think Penny looked pretty pleased with herself. Love the "Go Dogs!" :)
Love d

Anonymous said...

Good to see more delightful photos of Penny, Jet, and, of course, Maggie. I think Penny looks great in her finery. I do love Jet the Cheerleader, too. I’m sure the residents of the home are enthralled with the dogs’ antics. It’s so nice that you share this spirit with them and bring smiles to all. Love, QK

Kerri Jean said...

I could not even get Max to wear his black dog t-shirt today to keep off the rain. The girls look great. Penny is like a supermodel. She can pull off looks that the rest of us simply cannot.