Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Long Dear Friend

This is an overdue "catch-up" post. At the beginning of the year I "sold" Anni Star to a wonderful person, Ilyana. Anni stayed with us until May at which time I had to say "so long". It would have been very easy to keep Anni. But I vowed to give up my selfish streak and Anni deserved a rich life with a great family. Anni has that now.

Here I am putting on my "happy" face with my beautiful mare the day she left. Anni looked great. Tess and Sarah were riding her regularly and Kim and I lunged her inbetween to get her in shape especially since she started driving again. I hooked her back up with our dear friend Sue to make certain Anni hadn't forgotten her driving. She hadn't. I forgot what a blast it is to drive that wonderful mare.

Ilyana couldn't even look at me the day she picked Anni up. Ilyana is a person who is compassionate enough to know what I was hiding behind my smile. Funny, someone who barely knew me, knew me better than some others who should have.

Anni "missed" me up until the time she dove into the hay bag on the trailer and has been very happy ever since. I have pictures of her new home that I will post in the future. The home couldn't be more perfect for Anni. Anni is being ridden and driven and is showing again. The entire family is enjoying her and her them. I couldn't have designed a better home for her.

The month after Anni left, Ilyana called me with an update every day. Even now I get a call twice a week. I've been out to see Anni and her family invited me to come out for dinner and take her for a drive. I was so fortunate to have this wonderful family placed in our life to give Anni the life she deserves.

So long dear friend.
You are very missed in the barn.
We are all thrilled for you in your new life!
You deserve it!


Anonymous said...

I know how truly difficult that is. That summons lots of memories and feelings. I'm impressed you were able to smile that day. It's wonderful you found her such a special family.
xox D

Kerri Jean said...

An unselfish choice, but not an easy one. Lovely pictures and a lovely, poignant story.

Debbie said...

Ilyana sent me this email:

"I looked at your blog a few times today because: A) the pictures are amazing; the ones of you and Anni darkened but looking out are too beautiful; and, B) I am humbled by how much you approve of Annis new home. The fact that you are comfortable with a precious family member living at my barn means a great deal. Thank you."

I think that her email says everything about why I love this family.