Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love at First Ride

The two posts before "Dock Diving Diva" I wrote about what was going about Mac. Mac is back on the mend...again. I won't tempt the Universe again and say how great he is doing. ;)

I promised a post about his current trainer, Jennie Meyer at Meygas. Jennie has been a long time instructor and friend. She started with us when we only had the Haflingers and helped Leanne and them (and even me - a very "challenged" rider) become better. Jennie is a believer in dressage for all horses and is NOT breed prejudice. In fact I believe she loves the challenge of a non-traditional horse. Jennie is the reason we got Oki since she was the one that went with Leanne and gave wonderful advice. Jennie was also was key in helping Leanne bring Oki back after his surgery. Jennie is classically trained and an amazing teacher. I can say this after going to clinics with Leanne and Oki to the BIG NAMES in dressage. And you know what? Jennie is as good and even better than the BIG NAMES and way cheaper. I always felt it was a gift to have her so close.

So naturally I sent Mac to Jennie's to help him get back in shape per the vet's instructions. Jennie was amazing at bringing him back. She started him by lunging and would set up a small round pen in her arena to lunge him in. I felt so foolish watching her do this. This was something I could have had done at our farm - we had a round pen AND hot walker so if bolting was a worry we had the facilities to address that. However, I hadn't known he was not being worked at that time. That 20-20 vision again!

After Mac's first trip to the hospital Jennie got him back in work. Mac would whinny to Jennie whenever she goes in and out of the barn. He is IN LOVE with her. It is so much fun to watch Jennie work him. She is not afraid of him although she recognizes he can be a shit. Jennie will ask him to do something "hard" and he'll do it. She'll tell me as he is doing it and then says "but he knows that I will let him relax in a bit so he'll do it." And he does. I love watching him and her work. It is quite magical. Especially after he has been criticized in the past. I describe Jennie as a "fair alpha" and Mac respects and loves her.

It is a two-way love affair - Jennie absolutely loves Mac. She tells everyone what a blast he is to ride. I'm very happy that Mac is so happy where he is. It would be easier to bring him home and have him here. I miss seeing a golden pony out in the pastures with the brown ones! But I don't know how much longer Mac will be with us and I want him to have his remaining days be happy ones. Each day is a gift, and I will miss him dearly when he leaves us.


Anonymous said...

What a glowing tribute to Jennie, and one that is well-deserved, I’m sure. You and Mac are both fortunate to have such a caring and knowledgeable trainer. It is a joy to read how well she works with Mac and how much she appreciates him and he loves her. Mac does sound happy, and, although I know it is a tough decision for you not to have him at home, it definitely sounds like you are doing the right thing for Mac at this time. Here’s to Mac’s continued recovery! QK

Debbie said...

Thank you Kathryn for the kind words, including the ones in your last email:

"whatever decision you make regarding Mac will be made with love, I know that. I'll keep praying!"


Anonymous said...

Jennie is an amazing gal. She is a wonderful trainer, kind and patient. She goes out of her way for the care of the horses and riders.