Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Dog Dayz of Summer

Before fall is upon us I want to share pics of the summer. The photos in this post are from the "Dog Dayz of Summer" event. MUCH fun was had by all and in supporting the border collie rescue program we won a gift certificate for grooming ($75 value and something we do every 6 weeks!!) and a gift certificate for a private agility lesson. We came home with much more than we left with including a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!

It seems that this is just going to be a "behind" kind of posting year. I have been MIA because I tempted The Universe by my last post and Mac landed back in the hospital - for 7 days. If Jennie hadn't had him in just great shape we would have lost him. He is back home and we have fingers crossed - put little prayers out into the ether for him! My Mom's having surgery so I'm off to the great Midwest for awhile. I have art in progress and for now I'll post some photos until I can finish my art ;).

This is an example of how animals make you a liar. There was dock diving and our good friend Kim wanted to try with her girls so I couldn't resist although I was positive Maggie wouldn't do it. Maggie was very shut down in agility because of her thyroid condition and not very excited about anything apart from her friend Zoe and the tennis ball - perhaps not in that order ;). Maggie was crying/barking and standing on her hind legs watching other dogs go off the small dock so we gave it a try. It was an excellent setup for beginners. So, yep, Maggie did go off the dock for me. Just to prove me wrong. Len is showing off her ribbon in front of the dock.

One of the few things that Penny can do in agility is the weave poles. Jumping and any contact obstacles aggravate her condition. We were warned to even be careful of tunnels because she has to duck to go through them. But believe it or not they use weave poles in rehab to help flexibility so we still do weave poles. Len wanted to run her through the "weave pole challenge" of 36 weave poles. I didn't think she'd do it because Len couldn't use food. Well, turns out my other poodle also made a liar out of me. Len successfully took her through without her popping out and she was a few tenths of a second from placing. This was so nice for Penny because Maggie has been doing so much with Penny having to stay on the sidelines. Penny is now "back" getting to do something at this event in addition to her Rally and Dancing career.

This was such a fun event! They had all sorts of things to do, vendors, a great raffle and great people. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is owned by a dog! The entry was $10 but they provide a nice lunch. They had other fun games where you donated a dollar but you'd get a toy or box of biscuits. Giving was never so much fun!!


Kerri Jean said...

I hope things are looking up for Mac. Safe travels. We'll catch up when you return. I am in the midst of our convention season so my schedule is crazy too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the great photos of Maggie, Penny and Len at the Dog Dayz event. Congrats to all for doing so well in competition. I totally LOVE Len’s t-shirt. What a fabulous statement and how perfect for the dog event! I am keeping Mac (and your Mom, not necessarily in that order) in my prayers. Please let your devoted fans know how things are going when you return. Love, QK