Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dock Diving Diva

After her diving debut, Kim & I packed up Maggie & Zoe into the car and went to the Hudson Valley Dock Diving Club where we practiced on a real dock. The people there were so helpful. I couldn't get Maggie in. She'd stay on the end of the dock and cry and jump up and down. So I ended up going in, with all my clothes on. It was not in vain - Maggie did jump. After that, I didn't have to get in far! I think I earned points for going into the water for my dog with everyone there. A dog that was - egad, a Poodle!! Needless to say, Maggie was the only poodle there!
Back at home, Kim built us a dock for "Molly's Pond*" so we could work on getting our girls to run and jump. We want to go to a couple dog diving trials next year just for fun. In particular, there is a really cool event put on by L'Oreal called appropriately "Because Your Dog is Worth it Too." This event has all kinds of fun events including dock diving and benefits breast cancer. This event definitely needs a dock diving poodle!!

*More about "Molly's Pond" in a future post.

Here Maggie is starting to get her feet under her. They measure the distance by where the hind feet land so you want them to gather there rear end under them when they hit the water.

A "mood" shot taken by Kim. Maggie is very good at keeping her head up when she dives! Oftentimes the top of her head will still be dry. Penny taught her that - so she doesn't mess up her "do".

Here are some great pictures of Zoe. She is a POWER HOUSE!!

Zoe will definitely be the winner in this duo but Maggie will be her stylish side kick ;). What a funny pair of friends.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics!! Debbie - your face in the first pic is hilarious!! Good for you for showing Maggie how it's done!!! :) When you dove in, I'm sure all the people realized why your poodles are so cool... :)
Love d

Anonymous said...

What fabulous photos of Maggie. I can just see you getting into the water to encourage Maggie on her first attempt. You are such a supportive Mommy. The L’Oreal event sounds like fun, too, and with the versatility of both Maggie and Penny, you should be able to participate in a number of fun activities. Please share the results. Love, QK