Sunday, September 27, 2009

But Horses Don't Like Milkweed

This is what I heard over and over after Mac almost killed himself on August 25th of last year by eating milkweed. (Man - I can't believe it was almost a year ago!!) I lost count of the number of people who told me - "why our pasture is full of milkweed and the horses never eat it." Well, their horses aren't Mac. Mac, being Mac, not only ate it, but he pushed boards off the fence to get to it.
I was naturally at work when this happened and the event was in Leanne's capable hands. Len was home and went over when Leanne called. Len said he felt there was a 50% Mac wouldn't make it. Len said he never saw Mac (or any other horse) look that bad. It looked like more than a bad colic.

Fortunately Len walked the pasture to see if there was something Mac ate (Leanne was busy keeping Mac OK until the vet arrived). Len found the broken boards and eaten down plants which Tess's Mom identified as milkweed. Len, being Len, went on the internet and researched milkweed, printed stuff off and had it for the vet when she arrived. They "pumped" Mac's stomach best they could and treated him for colic. Mac was feeling better by the time I got home to find Len and Leanne busily topping off waters so Leanne could get to her agility lesson. Mac strikes again - taking a few years off my life!!

In retrospect, we wonder if this was just another indication of Mac's poor condition. Jennie and I've been going over Mac's health issues over the years. There has been something not quite right with him for awhile. This "over reaction" to milkweed may be another piece to a puzzle we will probably never solve.

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Anonymous said...

Horses are SO FRUSTRATING!!! I completely understand what you're going through. The farrier came back for Niels yesterday (yes, a Sunday) because Niels pulled a shoe and 3 nails were stuck in his foot...and he goes lame almost immediately without a shoe. He has not kept a shoe on that foot once between farrier visits since MARCH of this year...and he's been lame off and on again since then. We have not been able to figure it out. It's driving us - vet, farrier, me - all nuts!!! Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves (have horses). I guess we really love them. There is no other explanation.
love d